Thanks to everybody for supporting me last tuesday! Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the finals but we’ve had a wonderful show with you guys. See you next time!

We’ve started this year with a bang and our first performance as a band. It felt really good to finally show you all what we’ve been working on and we would like to thank everybody that faced the snow to come see us perform. 

In case you couldn’t make it you can see the footage of the show by clicking here.

My homey and classmate Bruno Punt won the GPNL with Flow&CO last Saturday. This a picture right after the announcement, we’re all very proud of him. Big things for the future.


The band and I have been working hard on getting ready for our showcase in Januari and writing new material. We’ve also started recording some of our new tracks and with this video I can give you a sneak peak inside the studio. Just an appetizer for more beautiful things coming up.

The St Joris orchestra gave a annual concert in Hoogeloon yesterday. The concept was St Joris & Friends so they asked me to appear on one song with Rochelle (winner of X Factor 2011).

Semwise & Rochelle backstage

Semwise & Rochelle backstage

We performed our own version of the song “Crazy in Love” and the crowd fell in love with it. It turned out to be a successful evening thanks to the crowd, orchestra and guest appearances by many wonderful artists. The picture below gives you a small impression of the show.

Semwise & Rochelle on stage

Semwise & Rochelle with the Band

Rehearsed with the band today, sounds better and better each time.

As a lot of you may know Skaffaboy no longer exists as a group. That doesn’t mean that we stopped making music though. I recorded this song with Raszz a while ago and we continue to work on songs and projects together.

So sit back after a hard day of work and play this song cause we know the night is on your mind as well. Salute! 

As promised, I’m releasing a new track today. Since I was born in 1988, considered by many as the golden age, I tried to tell a story about me using titles of Hip Hop albums released in in that year. The video below illustrates that a little better and hopefully takes you back for a second.

You can also download the track for free by clicking here.

I’ve been in the studio today recording a short track about 1988. This is the year I was born and a lot of people consider this period to be the heyday of Hip Hop. Artist like NWA, Run DMC and Public Enemy were building a foundation for Hip Hop to become as succesful as it is today.

I don’t necessarily think music in those days was better than it is now but I still feel like I need pay my respect to those who came before me.

I’ll upload this track on friday, so stay tuned for a new tune.

NWA -1988

Semwise released a new track today called “Give It A Try”. In this song he describes his vision on making music, and why he does it. The Soundcloud player below allows you to check it out and download it for free.

Since I’ve been making a lot of new music lately I decided to create website to share this with the world. Besides music you can also check the latest video’s and news on this website. To celebrate I’m releasing 3 new songs today that you can listen to and download below.

With this said I want to give a special thanks to Walruza who helped me design this site and make it possible.

Semwise - Balcony (prod. by A.R.T.)

Recently I posted a mini-documentary giving a short recap of the day Semwise had spent in the studio with Sticks, Rico and A.R.T. of which this is the end result  Yesterday the song ‘Balcony’ was released by Top Notch and can be downloaded for here for free.